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Welcome to SME Ltd

SME Ltd provide a wide range of services from environmental recovery to sensitive reclamation (Home Office controlled drugs license holders), we have fully licensed facilities to gain the best environmental returns, ranging from; historic and sensitive projects, commodity extraction, rail services including rail reclamation, site clearances, bridge and structure removal (NWR rail approved contractors), electrical recycling (WEEE) destruction.

Our primary goal is to serve our client's needs in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.
We are unrivalled in our reputation for providing a service second to none with all staff passing high security vetting and highly trained through our sensitive internal training programe.

Our priority is putting your needs first, controlling and supporting environmental and health and safety commitments to YOU.

We pride ourselves on our simple effective approach to reclamation and environmental requirements, SME's mission is to ensure we provide you with a service that you will be proud to be associated with, we pride ourselves on doing things right from the onset and supporting our clients to have trust in what we provide.




SHE Statement

SME Ltd is commited to protecting the environment and health and safety of our employees, clients and the global community, we recognise that by integrating environmental requirements with health and safety is good practice for all aspects of our business.

We use our technical knowlegde in protecting the environment for future generations.

SME strive to continuouly improve in our environmental, health and safety managemnet systems and the quality of our products, processes and services.

Mission Statement

SME's mission is to provide a service which places health and safety and the Environment as its core value, we will promote "good practice" at all times and honour our duty to provide a safe environment for all, we want to be the contractor of choice and let our works be the voice.


Director Commitment

"My commitment is to consider all aspects of business, Health & Safety and the Environment, we will be open, honest, and transparent, dedicated to providing you a service which respects your values as much as it brings a fresh approach to helping you fulfil your goals and not sacrificing our commitment to health and safety and the protection to all"

Mark McGrail

Director SME Ltd



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  • Witham Bridge
    Posted by : Ian

    Stone Trimming

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  • BPA-Misterton
    Posted by : Ian

    Rail track lift and remove from BPA-Misterton

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  • Bike Shelter - York Compound
    Posted by : Ian

    Minor Works - Build of bike shelter for staff at NWR York Compound Leeman Rd.

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  • Soup Kitchen
    Posted by : Ian

    Through 2016 SME Ltd in conjunction with Network Rail, The Samaritans and other agencies are holding Soup Kitchens at train stations across the LNE route to highlight the important issues of Suicide Prevention and Homlessness.

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  • Catcliffe - Sheffield
    Posted by : Ian

    Removal of redundant sidings.

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  • Bridge Decks - Denby
    Posted by : Ian

    Removal of Bridge Decks, and grade of pathway ready for stone.

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  • Mansfield Road - Retford
    Posted by : Ian

    Removal of redundant rail.

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  • Slaithwaite - Huddersfield
    Posted by : Ian

    Grafiti cleaning using recycled glass bead.

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  • Coke Ovens Bridge (TJC3/246 ) - Leeds
    Posted by : Ian

    Removal of failing bridge beams.

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  • Huddersfield - Bradley
    Posted by : Ian

    Removal of redundant rail, a Side Loading Forklift was used which eliminated any chance of reaching the fouling point of the open line.

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  • York Site Clearance
    Posted by : Ian

    Site clearance at York Compound removing 3000tn of soil recovering a large area for further use.


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"Safety is, without doubt, the most crucial investment we can make. The question is not what it costs us but what it saves.”

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